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A New Puma Ball For The WPS

Posted by iamhannah on January 16, 2009

The Women’s Professional Soccer Commissioner Tonya Antonucci unveiled the new PUMA Official WPS Match Ball at the PUMA booth Thursday during the NSCAA Convention in St. Louis. The ball has a Jasmine Green colorway circling the ball, WPS logo and the PUMA Cat in WPS’ signature navy blue. The ball is constructed from 32 panels. The panels are hand-stitched and the seams and fine surface structure allows for the even flow of air for a perfect aerodynamic performance. The ball is FIFA Approved.

The ball will be used in the WPS Inaugural Match on March 29, 2009 and then sent to the National Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum in Oneonta, New York after being signed by the first goal scorer. If there are any other goal scorers in the match those balls will be signed and then auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.

Source: WPS


One Response to “A New Puma Ball For The WPS”

  1. rosemarie gonzalez said

    where can I purchase it

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