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From The First Round Who Would You Have Picked as No. 1?

Posted by iamhannah on January 23, 2009

Who would you have drafted as number 1? Amy Rodriguez, Megan Rapinoe, Christina DiMartino, Yael Averbuch, Brittany Bock, Kerri Hanks and Allie Long. Vote at the link below.

From The First Round Who Would You Have Picked as No. 1?

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2 Responses to “From The First Round Who Would You Have Picked as No. 1?”

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  2. Danny Hicks said

    I love watching soccer. Any day that I get free to see a game, I make the 1 hour trek to my favorite cafe (I don’t have a television) to watch. My preference is for the English Premier League, but I also check out some of the bigger games in the Liga and Serie A, any international games (for any nation) that involve either the World Cup or Euro, and make it a point to see any U.S. (men or women) and Galaxy games that I can. I am really looking forward to this new WPS league. I think that it is already shaping up to be an incredible league.

    And hey, great show! I listen to podcasts every morning on my way to work, and I am totally stoked to see someone dedicated to a very under served audience. I am absolutely looking forward to your next podcast. Good luck!

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