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Johanna Frisk and Marta Signing Controversy

Posted by leyrocks on January 24, 2009

I have read a lot of articles and blogs (coming out of Sweden) that have criticized the signing of Johanna Frisk. Many Swedish papers and blogs are saying that the signing of Johanna Frisk hurts women soccer. Their are many stories in Sweden that imply that Johanna is more than a “friend” of Marta and that the two have some type of relationship. The only reason Frisk was signed by the LA Sol was because that was the only way Marta would agree to sign with the club.

Patrick Ekwall a Swedish TV4 anchor has been most critical of the Frisk signing. “It draws a laughing-stock of the damfotbollen,” he writes on his blog. “Johanna Frisk is “not a superstar,” and recruited to Los Angeles because she has a relationship with Marta.”

If Marta and Frisk have a relationship or are just close friends it’s none of our business. Patrick Ekwall should stop obsessing in figuring out player’s sexuality and focus on just sports journalism. These types of signings are done all the time in sports. Wayne Grezky would not sign with the L.A. Kings unless his friend was given a contract. When male soccer players are given a contract and ask for a friend to be given a contract there are no allegations or rumors. They are seen more like being a good friend, trying to help a friend out. How is the Johanna Frisk signing different from the male signings?

Johanna Frisk is not a superstar but a solid soccer player in her own right. She is in the Swedish National Team player pool, a member of the U23 Swedish National Team and a 3 time Swedish League Champion with Umea IK. True, maybe the LA Sol would had never offered Frisk a contract without Marta’s request. But the LA Sol is getting a solid defender that has played on one of the best women’s soccer leagues.




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