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Marta Makes First Appearance in L.A.

Posted by leyrocks on February 24, 2009



On February 22, 2009, Marta made her first public appearance since joining the LA Sol at the Soccer Nation Expo in Los Angeles. As promised, the Women’s Soccer Show was there to fill you in on the action!

The 3-time FIFA Player of the Year was received with much excitement and fanfare by her loyal, and new fans alike, and she, graceful as ever, seemed to enjoy most of it.

At first, Marta gave off a somewhat nervous vibe as she was introduced to the crowd. She seemed to be in a daze as her fans snapped pictures and hollered the occasional, “I love you Marta,” “Juegas muy bonito,” or “You are the best Marta”. It’s understandable how the roaring crowd could be intimidating for the petite player, and I couldn’t help but notice the big sigh of relief she let out when she sat down and started signing autographs. But who could blame her for feeling a bit anxious. February 21st marked a new chapter in life.

She seemed overjoyed when the occasional Brazilian / Latino fan would say something to her in Portuguese or Spanish in an attempt to start a conversation (I believe she understands a bit of Spanish but does not speak it fluently). Hopefully with the support of the Brazilian / Latino community in Los Angeles she will find it easy to adapt to her new home.

Through the entire time she was all smiles when the star struck attendees would ask if they could take a picture with her. While taking pictures and video of Marta, I couldn’t help but notice how charming she is when interacting with her fans and the LA Sol staff. There is something truly special about her that captivates you. Could it be her warm generous smile? Her superhuman soccer skills? Or maybe her superstar status in FIFA?

The best part of the event was when she left the autograph booth to head out to the main soccer field for a game of “Kingman” soccer. As you can see in our video, the scene looked more like a TMZ shoot on Robertson Blvd. About 20 people started following her, snapping pictures, shaking her hand and requesting for autographs. For an instance I thought I was back in 1999 hearing, “Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia,” but now it was, “Marta, Marta, Marta.”

During the soccer match, Marta would occasionally do some crazy trick or move, but as luck would have it we had already turned our cameras off. Watching her up close in action was a treat, kind of reminiscent as watching Ronaldihno play in 2006 (Barcelona USA Tour). If you are able to catch her in action, GO!!!! I promise she won’t disappoint. She truly is the best women’s soccer player.

Marta’s next promotional stop will be in New York City on February 24th and 25th for the WPS Team Kit Unveiling event and media tour. She and other WPS players, including, Johanna Frisk, Heather O’Reilly, Hope Solo, Amy Rodriguez, Carli Lloyd to name a few, will be modeling the leagues home and away uniforms, designed by Project Runway winner Christian Siriano. League officials will also be doing media rounds along with a few WPS stars.

 February 24th

Bloomberg TV @ 7:50am – Tonya Antonucci

Fox Business @ 10am

February 25th

Today Show, CNN, Fox & Friends – WPS players


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