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Heather Hints At Sydney FC Exit

Posted by iamhannah on February 26, 2009

Aidan Ormond
Feb 25 2009 14:22 

EXCLUSIVE US bound Matildas star Heather Garriock has hinted that she’d leave Sydney FC if a more lucrative offer came up from another W-League franchise.

Speaking to au.fourfourtwo.com on the eve of her departure for the professional US women’s league, the 26-year-old believed a marquee system could be looked at in the W-League for some of the top Matildas.

And the almost 100-times capped Matilda said if she was offered a marquee or a similar deal with another W-League club, she’d seriously consider it.

“I don’t know who I’ll be playing for next season to be honest… at the end of the day you’ve got to take care of yourself.

“I know for me and some of the other top players like Walshy [Sarah Walsh] we’ll be looking for where the best deal is.

“I think a marquee status is possible for players in the W-League. If you invest in the players that’s what’s going to strengthen the league at the end of the day.”

Meanwhile a visa problem has meant that Garriock and other international stars around the world have been delayed from entering the US to meet up with their new clubs ahead of the kick off to the Womens’ Professional Soccer League.

It’s expected the visas will now come through by the week’s end. Garriock has signed with Chicago Red Stars and has a four-week pre-season ahead of the league’s kick off on April 4.

“I’ve never been to Chicago before and I know it’ll be very cold but my ambition is to do well and in doing so, it will hopefully lead to other Aussie girls getting to play over there,” says Garriock.

 “But the league will be unbelievable,” says Garriock. “Players like Cristiane from Brazil are my teammate and I definitely think it’s the strongest league in the world. It’s got the top players from the US and Brazil and us Aussies and it’s professional.

“I can’t wait to be challenged in an environment where other players also want to be challenged.”

Garriock added that she’d like to bring a top US player to Australia for the next W-League season.


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