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Sol Fest Pictures and Video

Posted by leyrocks on March 8, 2009


Ok so today was the much awaited Sol Fest and let me tell you it was amazing. For all those who attended you know what I’m talking about. So this next blog entry I’m going to write it as the super soccer fan that I am.

Well as you can see I was able to get my Marta picture and autograph but man it cost me. Why, well see I’m really sick I have a cold / flu whatever you want to call it. So at 11:15 or so I made the 2 mile drive to the Home Depot Center. Sol Fest was awesome even though I was hating life. For about 2 hours you could watch the team practice which was awesome. They did a whole bunch of drills and at the end did a scrimmage.

You could also have a tour of the Home Depot Center which included a locker room tour. I did not do this cause I got in line for autographs. The funny thing was that their was 6 tables where the players would sign autographs. However, the staff did not know which table Marta would be in, so it was luck of the draw. So lucky me, I was in the line where she signed autographs. But let me tell you when people saw that Marta was in our line people started going crazy, cutting in line and all. So it took some time for the people that where in that line to get the autograph, I’m guessing about an hour and a half. Can you imagine me standing their with my fever, headache and sore throat, hahahahaha man I’m a super fan I guess. Many times I thought about just saying, “screw” and leaving but I didn’t.

Up close Marta is pretty small and it makes you wonder how someone so petite can be so amazing on the field, size just doesn’t matter I guess. Marta is pretty cool, but you could not really talked to her cause they where rushing the signings cause of so many people in her line. I just said hi and asked for a picture in spanish and she responded in Portuguese and she told me thank you for coming. When she was signing my soccer ball this crazy lady rushed security and got right in her face and kept screaming at Marta, “I love you I love you, can I get an autograph.”

By the time I finally met her it was about 230 and i was only able to get Aly Wagner, Brittnay Bock, Katie Larkin and Katie Hooker autographs. By this time I was ready to go home and climb into bed. However, sitting on my desk in my new prize possession my Marta autographed soccer ball.

One thing I will say about Sol Fest is that it was great to see so much diversity at the festival. You saw every type of soccer fan, the soccer moms and dads, kids, teenagers, college and high school players, women, men, but for me the biggest surprise was the huge turn out of the Latino and Brazilian community. It was great to see so many Latino / Brazilian families supporting women’s soccer. But I guess its safe to say a girl from Brazil can be given credit for that. Make sure you check out the Sol’s album page to see more Sol Fest pictures. 


















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  1. Soccer said

    I had no idea Kobe was a soccer fan, i thought that the only thing he cared about was soccer.

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