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LA Sol 2 – 0 FC Gold Pride

Posted by leyrocks on March 14, 2009

LA Sol 2 – 0 FC Gold Pride

Goals by: Katie Larkin (I think it was her since they where not wearing numbers) and Aya Miyama. Their was a 3rd but it was called offside’s.

I’m a LA fan so I don’t know much about the Pride players and like I said they where not wearing numbers or names on jerseys. So here is the list of players that did not play:

LA Sol: Marta, Johanna Frisk, Han Duan, Shannon Boxx, Karina Leblanc, Aly Wagner, I’m not sure if Kendall Fletcher played. Pretty much the for sure starters.

Players that stood out for me where, Brittany Bock, Camille Abily, Aya Miyama, Greer Barnes but especially Lisa Sari and Allison Falk. They did an excellent job in the back line.

On the Pride Leslie Osborne and Eriko Arakawa played well.

The crowd was on the small side maybe around 200 people or so but very supportive.


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