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Did you see the two Marta Goals, WOW! Oh wait no one brought their camera

Posted by leyrocks on April 5, 2009

What is up WPS, I can’t believe you guys did not show any highlights of the Sol win or the Chicago win. Seriously man how the hell are you going to get more fan interest if you can’t even show the goals that where scored. The local media here in L.A. did mention the Sol win but they didn’t have anything to show. I mean I know that not all of the games are going to be on TV but the league and FSC should make up a five minute video summary of each game and post it online. In today’s age of technology the league should set up the games so you can watch it online. Do some type of package. For example if you want to watch one game you pay 5 bucks or something or for the season pay like 50 bucks

By the way, to whole twitter and Match Tracker sucks!!!!! I had no idea what was going on the 2nd half for the Sol vs Sky Blue game. Match Tracker stopped tracking!!!!!!



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