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Indianapolis vies for WPS franchise

Posted by iamhannah on April 24, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 24, 2009 —  Indianapolis could be ready to field a Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) team in 2011 with FC Indiana’s Shek Borkowski, who is leading the drive, saying the possibility of bringing a Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) team to Indianapolis is perhaps “50-50.”
To hear Borkowski talk about it, Indianapolis has everything in place for the local W-League franchise, FC Indiana, to move up to WPS as its expansion franchise. Indianapolis, he says, meets two of three important criteria — an active ownership group and an established fan base. What it needs is soccer stadium.
According to Borkowski, his group Indiana Women’s Sports Group (IWSG) studied stadium designs and came to the conclusion that a facility with a capacity of around 6,000-8,000 was needed for the franchise to be profitable.
“We are investigating options,” said Borkowski. “You can’t play in a stadium you don’t own. You need the revenues. The only way to get it is with ancillary revenues such as parking, signage, food and beverages.”
The IWSG, could sign a letter of intent before January 2010.
“We are actively working on bringing WPS to Indianapolis,” Borkowski recently told the WASK radio station. “It could be a fantastic market for WPS.”
“The challenge is that it’s still a difficult business model. The FC Indiana ownership group is certainly interested in being owners of a WPS franchise and we are meeting with potential partners. We have the infrastructure to run the franchise, and we have the fans.”

Courtesy of: FC Indiana


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