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Mass 3, Puma 2

Posted by iamhannah on May 6, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, May 4, 2009 —  From uniforms to bags, and just about every soccer equipment category in between, “unknown-brands” are evolving into premium products.
In a battle of soccer brands, Mass, a relative newcomer from Italy, has just fired a warning shot. Once relegated to the last pages of catalogs where only the thriftiest of recreational soccer administrators looked for them, Mass is improving its image, and going top shelf, so to speak.

Mass, an authentic Italian sports apparel and accessories company has signed on to outfit FC Indiana, a women’s soccer giant from Indianapolis.
Last Saturday FC Indiana faced Puma-outfitted Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) team Chicago Red Stars, which featured Brazilian Cristiane and US Soccer Player of the Year Carli Lloyd, and came away with a comfortable 3-2 win.

“This economy, in my opinion, will change the way youth clubs are choosing what brands to buy,” said FC Indiana’s Shek Borkowski. “Our fans see first-hand world class players wearing Mass brand and they consider it for their clubs and teams.” And Borkowski expects the trend to continue for at least the next five years, noting that recession is changing the purchasing patterns of youth clubs.

One big sign of the transformation taking place was visible at Kuntz Stadium in Indianapolis Saturday night, where hundreds of youth players, coaches and administrators in attendance got a first look at FC Indiana’s new sleek all black Mass uniforms. “Our fans are curious and we are getting inquiries about our uniforms and where we got them. That’s a good sign for Mass and our other partners,” said Borkowski.
The interest is also beginning to translate into sales. According to Borkowski FC Indiana received an order for 50 replica shirts with FC Indiana midfielder Mizuho Sakaguchi’s name. Its small, Borkowski says, but its a start.

Big companies whose business models are based on the idea that soccer buyers will pay a premium for big name brands, such as a Beckham endorsed product, may see a change in sales trends as
Mass represents a steadily growing alternative for most typical clubs. “Our players are role models for many youth players, we are approachable and in the community and kids want to wear what FC Indiana players wear,” stated Borkowski.

For more information about Mass please visit: http://www.massportusa.com/

Courtesy of: FC Indiana


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