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WPS Preseason Schedule

Posted by leyrocks on February 21, 2009

Here is a preliminary preseason game schedule for the WPS. I’m assuming Chicago and   St. Louis will add more preseason games.

Los Angeles Sol

March 10 Sol vs USC @ Home Depot Center

March 14 Sol vs FC Gold Pride @ Home Depot Center (free to the public)

March 17 Sol vs FC Gold Pride @ Home Depot Center (closed to public)

March 21 Sol vs TBA @ Home Depot Center


FC Gold Pride

TBA              FC Gold Pride vs CAL

TBA              FC Gold Pride vs Sacramento Storm (WPSL)

March 14   Sol vs FC Gold Pride @ Home Depot Center (free to the public)

March 17   Sol vs FC Gold Pride @ Home Depot Center (closed doors)


Washington Freedom

March 14    Freedom vs Sky Blue FC @ Maryland SoccerPlex

March 22    Freedom vs UNC @ Legion Stadium, Wilmington, N.C.


Sky Blue FC

March 14    Freedom vs Sky Blue FC @ Maryland SoccerPlex

March 20    Sky Blue FC vs UNC @ Greensboro, NC


Boston Breakers

March 18    Boston Breakers vs Chicago Red Stars in Florida

TBA           Boston Breakers vs Connecticut

TBA           Boston Breakers vs Boston College


 Chicago Red Stars

March 18    Boston Breakers vs Chicago Red Stars in Florida


Saint Louis Athletica

TBA          Athletica vs Notre Dame

Other important dates:

February 23 – Team deadlines to announce pre-season schedules and exhibitions

February 24 – WPS Team Uniform unveiling in Manhattan (Home & Away)

March 2 – Training camps open; players report

March 2 – Deadline for pre-season rosters to be announced 

March 12 – U.S. Women’s National Team and other int’l players report to camp following Algarve & Cyprus Cups

March 13 – Teams must announce roster cut-downs to 24 players

March 19 – 10-day countdown to WPS Inaugural Match

March 25 – Teams must announce final Opening Day rosters (18 players + optional 4 developmental players)

March 29 – WPS Inaugural Match

April 4-5 – WPS Kick-Off Week

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WPS Event Schedule

Posted by leyrocks on February 19, 2009

Ok so as we get closer to March 29th the more WPS news, promotions, player signings and events we are hearing about. Pre-season training camps are set to start on March 1st. So here are a couple of events that you may want to attend and look at for.

Febuary 19th, Marta arrives in L.A., watch out for AEG/SOL to have a press conference on Thursday or Friday. Happy Birthday by the way, its hard to believe that she is only turning 23. 

February 21st, Soccer Nation Expo in Los Angeles. Abby Wambach, Marta and other soccer stars will attend this event. This will be Marta’s first public appearance.

February 23rd – Players start arriving to their perspective teams.

February 24th, WPS Team Kit Unveiling in New York City. WPS will unveil the uniforms for the WPS 2009 Inaugural Season, including both Home and Away styles. Players modeling will be:
Marta and Johanna Frisk, Los Angeles Sol

Amy Rodriguez and Angela Hucles, Boston Breakers

Leslie Osborne and Christina DiMartino, FC Gold Pride (SF Bay Area)

Carli Lloyd and Nikki Krzysik, Chicago Red Stars

Hope Solo and Lori Chalupny, Saint Louis Athletica

Heather O’Reilly and Christie Rampone, Sky Blue FC (NJ/NY)

Allie Long and Sarah Huffman, Washington Freedom

The USWNT will be attending this event before they fly off to Portugal for the Algarve Cup Tournament

March 4th -11th USWNT competing in Algarve Cup Tournament
March 4th USA vs. Denmark
March 6 USA vs. Iceland
March 9th USA vs. Norway

March 8th Sol Fest @ the Home Depot Center. Meet the 2009 LA Sol Team.


*If you are aware of any upcoming events please let us know so we can post them up.

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My two cents

Posted by leyrocks on February 14, 2009

Ok so I didn’t want to make six different blog entries for every story/opinion I had (out of pure laziness ), so here are a couple of things that have been on my mind:

 The WPS Schedule – I honestly can’t wait for the WPS season to start but looking at the LA Sol schedule, they have a scheduled some games on Wednesdays, which I don’t have a problem with. But to schedule their last home game on Wednesday July 8th and to be played at 12pm. Oh my god are you serious???? First of all how many people are going to show up for a game played at noon in the middle of  the week? People do work you know. Second,  if their last home game has to be played on a Wednesday why play it so early? Don’t they realize how hot it will be. According to the Galaxy and Chivas USA, July 11th is scheduled to be the Super Classico Galaxy vs. Chivas USA. Wouldn’t it had been great to play a double header on this day instead of the mid afternoon game on Wednesday. I mean believe the Sol and Galaxy will play a double header on May 30th.

Playoff Schedule – I kind of like the playoff version the WPS has presented, unlike the playoff versions of the MLS, NFL, NBA and MLB which are kind of all the same. The WPS tries to incorporate the traditional soccer format championship in the US. In most soccer playing countries, the team with the best record wins the league championship, there is no final or semifinal game to be played. If you have the best record during the season you win the league. A traditional playoff schedule American’s are use to is mostly use for special cups like the Copa del Rey  in Spain or the FA Cup in England. Now with the new playoff format each game really matters. You want to have the best record and win as many games possible. The only downside I see is the huge break (a bit over two weeks) the top team will have to wait for the final game.

WPS Atmosphere – I hope that the games in the WPS will not be full of just soccer moms and 11 year old kids screaming MIA MIA MIA MIA, oh wait i mean ABBY, ABBY, ABBY or MARTA, MARTA, MARTA, in order to get an autograph. Don’t get me wrong I understand that the WPS target market are soccer moms/dads and kids but I do hope to see the traditional rowdy soccer fans in the games. 

Backlash  of the WPS International Draft – I think we may be the only country that drafts players. I don’t think many countries understand what is the purpose of the draft and how is works. When the WPS conducted the International Draft it kind of sent two different messages. One, we are interested in these players and we want these players to play in our league, only a certain team can try to sign Marta, Daniela, Kelly Smith etc… Second message, because they use the term “Draft” it seemed like the WPS had already signed these players. The terms “draft” or “playing rights” made it seem like Kelly Smith had already signed with the Boston Breakers even though she still has playing and had contract with Arsenal. Many clubs including Umea IK, Arsenal and Olympique Lyonnais are upset with the WPS for they way they drafted their players. For example Camille Abily has reach an agreement with the LA Sol but her French club Olympique Lyonnais is going to oppose the move and will only grant if it they get paid for her leaving. (Like the whole Beckham Milan situation).

Honestly I can see why they are mad. For some league to come out of nowhere and say, “oh we have drafted your player and her rights are  now with Chicago or Boston,” was a bit messed up. In a way I would had wished the league would had conducted the WPS International Daft in house and just announce player signing as it happened. However, come on as a blogger, fan and player that would had been torture. It would have meant 4 months of speculation on which team would land Marta, Cristiane, Kelly Smith, and Daniela ect….

I think the WPS had no choice in conducting the draft this way. For instance Cristiane has said she wants to know what players she would be possibly be playing with before she signs with Chicago.

By the way, if any readers want to become bloggers of Womens Soccer Show please let us know. 

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Women’s Professional Soccer Unveils Full Schedule for 2009 Inaugural Season

Posted by iamhannah on February 5, 2009

Return of Women’s Pro League in the U.S. highlighted by WPS Inaugural Match, WPS Final and More Than 70 League Games

SAN FRANCISCO (February 5, 2009) – Taking another step closer towards the return of women’s soccer to the professional sports landscape, Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) today announced its regular season schedule for the 2009 Inaugural Season, along with the featured match-ups for Fox Soccer Channel’s “WPS Sunday on FSC.” The previously announced home openers that begin Sunday, March 29 with the WPS Inaugural Match between the Los Angeles Sol and the Washington Freedom and continue during WPS Kick-Off Week with a full slate of league games on April 5 will be followed by regular weekly action over the next five months for a total of 70 league match-ups, three post-season contests and one WPS All-Star Game. 

Teams will play a 20-game regular season schedule with 10 home games and 10 away games. Each team will play the other teams in the league three times with a fourth game against two regional rivals to round out the 20-game schedule. Games will be played primarily on weekends with 14 games scheduled for weeknights, primarily on Wednesdays. Weeknight games will not begin until midway through the season on June 3. 

Every week, Fox Soccer Channel will broadcast “WPS Sunday on FSC” nationally to over 34 million homes with appointment television. The season culminates with the WPS Playoffs including the First Round, Super Semifinal and WPS Final. The WPS Final on August 22 will reach up to 80 million homes nationally on Fox Sports Net’s owned and affiliated regional sports networks.

“The 2009 WPS Inaugural Season will feature world class soccer action from coast-to-coast with regular television coverage and an emphasis on weekend games and occasional Wednesday night action,” said WPS Commissioner Tonya Antonucci. “We hope all fans will come out to catch the world’s best players during the WPS season and follow along on Fox Soccer Channel each week.”

The WPS Regular Season culminates the weekend of August 8/9 with three league games. The WPS First Round will be played August 15, the WPS Super Semifinal is set for August 18/19 with the WPS Final scheduled for August 22 at the home field of the 2009 WPS Regular Season Champion. The All-Star Game will be played following the conclusion of the season.

2009 WPS Inaugural Season Schedule

Click here for the online schedule.

Courtesy of: WPS

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