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Are you Serious about the Skort?

Posted by leyrocks on February 25, 2009



Are you serious about the skort?  Seriously.

So today the WPS and Puma unveiled the WPS uniforms. To be honest I think the uniforms are somewhat ok but and I have to big issues with them.

 Are you serious about the skorts? When I first saw them I automatically thought about the movie, “A League of Their Own,” when the players are asked to wear regular skirts instead of pants.  I mean these women are soccer players not models. I mean honestly how demeaning is it going to be to play soccer in a skort. I can already hear the sexist comment, “Dirt in the skirt,” “Go back to the kitchen,” “We want to see more leg and hike up your skort a little.” According to Puma and the designer of the uniforms, wanted a more feminine look and not have baggy soccer shorts. Come on there is a difference between being feminine and just plain out stupid. For example, the uniforms the USWNT wear are feminine enough. The shorts are not baggy and the jerseys are the design for a women’s body. I would defiantly like to know what did the players really think about the skorts. Lets just hope that the skorts where only for the fashion show.

The jerseys. Ok let me first say I really like the color combinations, especially (what a surprise) the Sol’s away uniform. I really think they tried to parallel the L.A. Galaxy uniform colors, which is fine by me. The back of the uniform is pretty cool. I have not come across any pictures of the back of the uniform but the local Los Angeles Fox station did broadcast highlights of the show, where you can see the back of the jersey.

What I don’t like about the jerseys is that most of them look unoriginal prototypes. It’s like if they just simply changed the colors and logos. Ok now maybe I’m being a bit to critical on the jerseys, I guess they are ok, since the league just started, but the SKORTS, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

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